poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. 
- Edgar Allan Poe


by Mahātmā Devi

heart medicine poem

Heart Medicine

Our hearts are wounded as soon as we see the light of life.

We feel the pain inside of us.

The separation to our inner source, our inner light, our inner truth.

It remains in our childhood.

As we grow older we collect more pain, more suffering, more fear.

We don’t even notice.

Until one day, when our body, our heart is broken.

We were afraid to feel.

Now it scares us even more.

It is a cycle of repression, we think we won’t break out alive.

And yes, we might die a few times while trying.

But the moment you feel, you start to heal.

The moment you start to heal, your heart starts to feel.

And the moment your heart starts to feel, you feel the connection to the whole universe, to Mother Earth and every single life on it.

You feel whole. You feel unity.

You feel again.

To heal your heart, simply use one medicine.

Fill your heart with love, because that is what you are.

Love is within each one of us.

It has been all along.

We just forgot how powerful Love is.

Love heals our wounds.

Love even reminds us of who we really are.

So, who are you?

May 2020

heartovermind poem

Heartovermind - The Queen and the King

Heart over mind - what does that even mean?

If you had to choose, what would you choose?

If the heart rules your world, you trust your feelings, your intuition.

If the mind rules your world, you think things through, you take things apart.

The challenge is to find the balance.

The heart is the queen.

The mind is the king.

They are equals but create differently.

It does not mean that only one is right.

They simply have to work together, even for each other, but never against one another.

They have to create room for each other to be heard.

The heart, the queen, the feminine is connected to her feelings.

The mind, the king, the masculine is connected to his thinking.

The heart wants you to know which way to go and to follow your truth.

The mind wants to protect you.

Imagine a world, where people would trust their hearts without doubting it with their minds.

June 2020

love poem


I am love.

You are love.

We are love.

Love makes no differences.

Love brings us together.

Love gives life.

Love heals.

Love gives you the feels.

Love comes easy, without expectations, without demands.

Love just is, it will never disappear.

Love is what we are, no more, no less.

So, be love.

June 2020

let go, they say poem

Let go, they say

Let go of your expectations, they say.

Let go of people you love, they say.

Let go of your Ego, even watch it die, they say.

Let go of things, of people and don’t you dare attach to anything or anyone, they say.

Well, ain’t it easy saying this?

But so difficult to implement?

What a long journey it takes, until you reach your destination.

What a mountain to climb, until you reach the top.

What an ocean to cross, until you reach the other side.

Expect nothing, appreciate everything, they say.

Don’t you fear of letting go, because the moment you do, space for something new reveals itself.

Feel the abundance within you, so there’s no need to fear the emptiness.

Love, happiness, peace and so much more are hidden treasures on the inside.

If you don’t dive deep into the process of letting go, life will force you to.

Let go.

Let go, my dear of all your fear.

Let go.

June 2020

the path of healing poem

The Path of Healing

Walking the path of healing ain’t an easy path.

Because healing is painful.

It’s an inwards job.

And that’s scary. At least for most of us.

It’s like the unknown even if it’s part of you.

But sometimes we’re just really good at hiding stuff deep down in our unconsciousness.

Until it knocks. And sooner or later, that’s what it does.

Running away is not going to last.

There is no escaping the inner world. Because it also shapes our outer world.

Don’t be afraid to walk into the darkness, the deepest places of your soul.

It’s part of the journey, don’t you see?

You’re a being of light having a human experience with all its diversity.

Your soul is here to grow, to feel, to experience, to explore and through all of it - to heal.

To heal your wounds and inspire other beings to do the same.

If you dare to walk that path, you will come out stronger every time.

You will cry, you will doubt, you will despair, but you will also rise like Phoenix many times.

It ain’t no easy path.

But it will be worth it.

Dare to meet yourself, your true self.

Dare to love yourself with all the darkness and all the light.

You need to go through the darkness to even realize there is also light.

You are the light.

June 2020

new beginnings poem

New Beginnings 

Cheers to new beginnings.

Cheers to every ending.

Cheers to life and all its wonders.

But be aware,

it is all in your hands and no one elses.

Change directions.

Decide and then, decide again.

Reinvent yourself.

At any time.

But begin within.

Begin again and again.

Until you feel the magic of beginnings.

Feel within.

What fills you up with joy?

What makes your face smile?

What makes your heart shine?

Be here now.

This is your time.

This is your life.

Don’t seek on the outside.

Look within.


And begin.

Begin within.

January 2021

everything poem



Everything you are looking for, 

You already have. 

Everything you are looking for, 

Is inside of you. 

Everything you are looking for, 

Is you. 


Do not seek on the outside. 

Do not look for answers anywhere but within. 


It is all within. 

It always has been. 

So, dare to go within. 

February 2021

heart wide open poem

Heart Wide Open

There is fear, 
There is old pain,
There are wounds unhealed 
And stories unheard. 

There is love,
There is deep faith,
There are wounds that make you stronger 
And there are stories to be told. 

The beauty of experience 
Is what makes life challenging
And magical at once. 
It’s the art of life to stay wide open 
For anything to touch your soul,
And to never be scared to fully live and love. 

It’s the art of life 
to open your mind 
but also your heart 
Over and over again. 

A heart wide open might be vulnerable 
But also really beautiful. 
A heart wide open is full of love 
To give and ready to receive. 
A heart wide open is what makes your life so precious.

May 2021

ready poem


Be ready to give and to receive.

Be ready to listen and to be heard.

Be ready to see and to be seen. 
Be ready to touch and to be touched.
Be ready to love and to be loved.

Be ready.

June 2021

ready poem

Mein Herz 


Mein Herz, weit und weich. 

Verwundet und geheilt zugleich. 

Sehnt sich nach inniger Verbundenheit, 

Bedingungslos und völlig frei. 


Der Sitz meiner Seele, 

Erfüllt mit Liebe und mit Mitgefühl. 

Warmherzig und in Demut, 

Dem Leben und allem Leben 

Dieser Erde zu begegnen bereit.  


Voller Traurigkeit und Freude, 

Der eigenen Wahrheit folgend, 

Der tiefen Weisheit vertrauend, 

Der Liebe entgegen, 

Auf unbekannten Wegen. 


Mein Herz, die Mitte meines Seins, 

So weit, so weich. 

Die Liebe zu empfangen 
und zu geben bereit. 


Der Klang meines Herzens, 

So rein und so klar, 

Berührt in der Tiefe Dein Sein, 

Dein Herz, mein Herz. 

July 2021

Who are you?

Who are you, behind all these daily rolls?

Who are you, without everything you own?

Who are you, when there’s nothing you really know?

Who are you, when you dive deep into your soul?

Who are you, when life is hard on you?

Who are you, when life wants to be celebrated?

Who are you, behind the scenes?

Who are you, when nothing matters?

Who are you, when you leave everything behind?

Who are you, when you look within?

Who are you, when you die?

Who were you, when you were born?

Who are you now, right now?

August 2021

Liebe ist

Liebe ist in unseren Herzen.
Liebe ist das, was uns verbindet
Und was ewig bleibt.
Liebe ist unendlich.
Liebe ist das, was immer sein wird.

August 2022